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The roof flew off. The rice recently harvested and stored in a spare room toppled over and hid underneath the debris. A cow in the barn got hit by flying splinters of wood and died.


अहो कति निरर्थक छ जीवन
निमेष भरमै फूल जस्तै झर्छ
साँझ पर्छ

All of a sudden, he shouted in a shrill sound and woke up at 4 in the morning. It was still a black-pitched night, and there was no sign of a daybreak. He heard owls hooting from the nearby bushes. It was a monotonous hooting. He was panting. His heart was pounding like the hammer of a goldsmith. One, two, three… Faster. Onetwothreefourfive.. His head whirled like a spinning wheel. He coughed…. Read More