Running from the Dreamland

Deepak, from Nepal, arrives in the US to further his studies and achieve the American dream. He soon realizes that the dream is illusive and not easy to capture. The path to success is long and very winding. Deepak’s day to day struggles to adapt are complicated by Swedish Peruvian lovers, a lack luster love life and struggles with menial jobs to finance his education. Illness, nostalgia for politically disenchanted Nepal and a daily fight to keep his head above water awakens in him the realization that his understanding of America and Americans is a far cry from his reality.
This novel sees America through the eyes of a visiting student from Kathmandu as he struggles to make a life in his new land. At times, the novel is funny, other times moving, as the protagonist comes to realize the American dream, not in the country’s wealth, but in its people. Importantly, this story gives us insight into the immigrant experience and the difficulties and joys of adjusting to a new culture.
Anthony Grooms, author
Trouble No More and Bombingham




© 2013 by Tulasi Acharya


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