सिक्लेस संस्मरण (Sikles memoir): आगो र कोदोको रक्सी

एक हप्ता भित्रमा १० हजार “भिउज” बनाउन सफल यो भिडयो हेरौ !


Felt so Powerful, but a Fragile Feeling: A Journey to Mustang

Snowflakes welcomed us no sooner did we reach there. A throng of tourists was clicking and capturing priceless and speechless beauty in camera, I was contemplating the journey back that we could have died any time like the bee. I felt so powerful, but that was a fragile feeling.

मुस्ताङ्ग संस्मरण (Mustang Memoir): कागबेनी, घोडा, र स्वर्ग। भिड्योमा मुस्ताङ्ग र मुस्कान

It was dusk and the snow-clad mountains were glazed with golden color that pulled the strings of my heart. The breathtaking mountains were priceless and so was the deep river a thousand feet below.