I cannot let go of his sight. His spontaneous song spills over on the themes of betrayed lovers, tragedy of common man and the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Muna Madan. I listen to each of them in awe and curiosity and cannot control the tears rolling down my cheeks.


सिवाय !

तिमी आँफैले फुटाएका मुर्तिका भगनाबेशहरु
बटुलेर फेरी इश्वरको नाम लिन सिवाय !
तिम्रो केहि लाग्दैन
कुर्नु सिवाय,
बस, कुर्नु सिवाय !
फगत, कुर्नु सिवाय !