Rich Storytelling, Poor Representation?

Most of the stories Upadhyay weaves in come from upper class families, that too, of Kathmandu and tends to ignore the hillbilly. At times, it reads weird as if the author himself is torn between two cultures, therefore he seems incapable of making the story very reliable.

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Joan Wickersham’s The Suicide Index

What might be the reason of a suicide? Why might people tend to commit suicide? How one’s suicide affects the lives of the survived ones and in what way? How can the survived ones cope with such a horrendous incident in life? Is suicide a topic for whether it is moral and ethical or rational? What can be the future discourse on suicide? How important is it to discuss with children?

शेक्सपियरका महत्वपूर्ण कथाहरु

शेक्सपियरका महत्वपूर्ण कथाहरुको अनुबाद मैले यस पुस्तकमा गरेको छु । यो पुस्तकमा दि टेम्पेस्ट, अ मिड्समर नाइट्स ड्रिम, दि विन्टर’स टेल, दि टेमिङ्ग अफ दि स्रिउ लगायत १० वटा कथाहरु छन्।

My Journey to America

I looked back where I came from and I felt more responsible for why I came here and what I want to be. My courage was for good cause. My hope glimmered when I looked back and it was more for my career and my duty to the nation I came from than for personal material success that I found many of my friends were indulged in, and I felt sorry for the friends who suffered from selfishness, greed, and hypocrisy.

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