शेक्सपियरका महत्वपूर्ण कथाहरु

शेक्सपियरका महत्वपूर्ण कथाहरुको अनुबाद मैले यस पुस्तकमा गरेको छु । यो पुस्तकमा दि टेम्पेस्ट, अ मिड्समर नाइट्स ड्रिम, दि विन्टर’स टेल, दि टेमिङ्ग अफ दि स्रिउ लगायत १० वटा कथाहरु छन्।


मेरि जुत्ता हे जापानी !

लागिरह्यो कहिले सम्म म यो गित गाइराखुँ “मेरा जुत्ता हे जापानी, ये पतलुन इन्ग्लिश्तानी, सिर पे लाल टोपी रुस्सी, फिर भी दिल हिन्दुस्तानी” । कहिले सम्म टोलाईरहुँ ? मैले मेरो भूगोल मन पराउनु भनेको अति राष्ट्रबाद होइन, न म बसेको बिदेसीभुमि प्रतिको घृणा नै हो । म जन्मेको भूगोलको चाहाना राख्नु भनेको त्यो माटो , त्यहाँका जनताको सम्मान हो । आफु जन्मेको भूगोलमा रम्नु भनेको युद्द जित्नु सरह हो । अन्त्यमा, मेरो पहिचान नै यहि हो ।

Felt so Powerful, but a Fragile Feeling: A Journey to Mustang

Snowflakes welcomed us no sooner did we reach there. A throng of tourists was clicking and capturing priceless and speechless beauty in camera, I was contemplating the journey back that we could have died any time like the bee. I felt so powerful, but that was a fragile feeling.

Proposal for preventing beggars in Kathmandu’s streets

I think that is the most rational decision the government or the politicians can ever make as the government himself is a beggar and cannot do more than talk, cannot afford everyone’s education, food, clothes, and shelter as there are more than forty percent of the people live below the poverty line so the extermination of the disabled, the poor, and vulnerable women is what I profess as most suitable for this dire predicament.

My Journey to America

I looked back where I came from and I felt more responsible for why I came here and what I want to be. My courage was for good cause. My hope glimmered when I looked back and it was more for my career and my duty to the nation I came from than for personal material success that I found many of my friends were indulged in, and I felt sorry for the friends who suffered from selfishness, greed, and hypocrisy.

Joy or Pleasure

To be in joy is to be in pain. “Tears of joy” the phrase contains some pain. Even “sexual pleasure” does contain some pain that turns out to be a state of happiness and satisfaction. After a person cries in pain that brings “catharsis” as Aristotle says in his definition of tragic drama. Similarly, if so is the case, catharsis is produced after ejaculation which is kind of death leading to life.

गाउँमा पुराण: गुन्द्रुक भन्दा नि अमिलो रसिद

गाउँबाट गुन्द्रुकको ठाउँमा, ” तोकिएको रकम मागपत्र, सहयोग रसिदको ठेली ” हातपर्दा मन गुन्द्रुक भन्दा नि अमिलो भईदिन्छ।