This is an anthology of poetry. These are the poems oozed out of the poet’s experience and perception looking at people and the world around him. Most of the poems are on the theme of love, life, and liberty. 
All poems carry emotions, human sentiments, and remnants of war, poverty, and loss of lives. 

Sex, Gender and Disability in Nepal: Marginalised Narratives and Policy Reform

This book explores the sex lives of women with disabilities in Nepal, showing that many women suffer more than men despite prevailing disability policies that emphasize non-discrimination against people with disabilities. The book also argues that far from general perceptions of women as asexual, women with disabilities are capable of leading highly creative and fulfilling sexual lives. Using critical sexual theory and postcolonial studies as critical frameworks, the book investigates the narratives of authors with disabilities, exploring policy gaps and the need for supportive gender and sexual policies through the words of those affected. In particular, the book analyzes five female Nepali authors with disabilities: Radhika Dahal, Jhamak Ghimire, Sabitri Karki, Parijaat, and Mira Sahi, demonstrating the need for supportive gender policies to address the emotional and psychological needs of women with disabilities. Overall, the book argues that disciplinary discourses in practice often consider sex or sexuality as taboo, barely recognizing women in the context of marriage and family, and therefore creating gaps between policies and marginalized narratives. This book provides important insights into sex and disability within the context of the Global South, and as such will be of interest not only to researchers working on Nepal, but also to scholars across gender studies, disability studies, international development, and postcolonialism.


Running From the Dreamland (Purchase now)

"This novel sees America through the eyes of a visiting student from Kathmandu as he struggles to make a life in his new land. Importantly, this story gives us insight into the immigrant experience and the difficulties and joys of adjusting to a new culture." Deepak comes to America immediately mesmerized by the immensity of its abundance. After leaving Nepal, his plan is to make his fortune in the land of opportunity. He quickly learns America is more than he bargained for, especially his newfound "friends." He questions whether he can even survive, much less succeed, in this new country until he finds an unexpected, unlikely love.


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Stories of Shakespeare in Nepali: A Collection of Short Stories; ISBN-9789937900348, translation

The book is a translated-into-Nepali-collection of Shakespeare's stories, originally in English edited by Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb. शेक्सपियरका महत्वपूर्ण कथाहरुको अनुबाद मैले यस पुस्तकमा गरेको छु । यो पुस्तकमा दि टेम्पेस्ट, अ मिड्समर नाइट्स ड्रिम, दि विन्टर’स टेल, दि टेमिङ्ग अफ दि स्रिउ लगायत १० वटा कथाहरु छन्। अंग्रेजी र नेपालि साहित्यमा चाख राख्ने जो कोहिले यो पुस्तक पढ्न सक्नुहुन्छ। अंग्रेजीलाई नेपालि भाषामा अनुवाद गर्दा ठ्याक्कै त्यो स्वाद आउन कदापि सक्दैन। यद्दपि त्यसलाई मर्न नदिने गरि गरिएको यो अनुबाद तपाईंहरुले इन्जोए भने गर्नु हुनेछ। पढे पछि तपाईंहरुको प्रतिक्रिया मेरो लागि अझ मार्गदर्शक हुनेनै छ। यो पुस्तक नेपाली पुस्तक पसलमा पाइन्छ । ईडुकेशनल बुक हाउसले प्रकाशन गरेको यो पुस्तक उक्त पुस्तकालय काठमान्डू जमलमा भने अवस्य पाइन्छ। Translated stories are: The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s dream, The Winter’s Tale, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth…