Why he left Nepal?

Since then until now, he missed everything: his home, family, land, cattle, food, garden, flowers, neighbors, and siblings. He missed how tiny little things grow bigger without a notice. He missed local markets, local chickens, fresh meat, fresh vegetables, and the cornucopia of sounds. He missed the street vendors, people in the street walking, people in the farm sweating, chatting, laughing, and yawning. He missed the characters of the countryside where he grew up, their gestures, movement, language, tones, rhythm, metaphors, symbols, and interaction.

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Kathmandu After Two Decades

Kathmandu is not the place I knew twenty years ago. It has become unbelievably crammed, not only within the ring road but also outside the ring road. Constructions are so chaotic that may take any visitor’s breath away.  All the arable land has been ferociously occupied by the concrete houses. All the roads and gullies seem to be filled with pedestrians as if they are pilgrimaging to the temple.

मेरो लाटे म कहाँ पिउ?

यो लेख लेखिरहँदा म -अमेरिकाको “न्यु हेम्सोर” भन्ने ठाँउमा रहेको एउटा सुन्दर रेस्टुरेन्टको तेस्रो तलामा बसेर लाटे कफी पिउँदै हिऊँले पुरिएका पहाडहरुमा स्थानियबासी र पर्यटकहरुले

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