Symbolic Slap


Slapping the face of politicians has produced varied reactions among people for some years now. The recent news of a 22-year-old youth, a son of a former Maoist fighter who had lost his life during the Maoist war, hurling a shoe— metaphorically speaking, a slap—targeting Nepal Communist Party chair Puspa Kamal dahal aka Parchanda has caused a furore among the party loyalists and critics. Some criticize this act of, again metaphorically speaking, slapping the face of politicians,who are responsible and accountableto thepeople,as a bad practice of venting frustrations and emotions. They loathe this actand view it as an uncivilized way of expressing angerat those in powernot meeting people’s expectations as yet. Some extol this act as only the righteous weapon to correct, fix, and handle our Nepali politicians who keep makingpromising with thepeople and never come close to keeping their promises. Whatever maybe the case/debate, although the slap (I consider…

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