Money grows on trees


“Money grows on trees in America,” many of us think so.
So, be sure, you’re not wrong. 
Plant the seeds of your dream silently: 
America has trees that grow monies 
Like a grove of mango trees heavy with ripe mangoes 
And being dropped all over the ground uneaten, abandoned, and unpleasant.
Enter America with a large sack of heart.
Contemplate while on a plane
To amass all the monies, some to be sent to Rame, your friend
Some to Shyame, your relative, and the rest to your parents and wife if you have,
To plot land at different places and build a dream like house,
To hand, when you go back to Nepal, each of them you care about a piece of gold. 
Wow, what a joy! 
Now, close your eyes, and you will see all their smiles reaching out to their ears. 
Indeed, the money grows here, but not…

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