“Unheard Melodies are Sweeter than Heard Melodies:” A Critical Theory Perspective to Situate NPM By Tulasi Acharya


New Public Management (NPM) brings up many concepts, such as decentralization, privatization, customer orientation, result orientation, cutting red tape, competition, productivity, and efficiency. However, NPM never successfully addressed the paradoxes that came in its trail. Metaphorically these are the “unheard melodies” of marginalized people. NPM, directly and indirectly, is a model applied to public administration in the name of competition, privatization, customer orientation, and worker efficiency, as it has furthered the traditional practice of top-bottom bureaucracy and value free instrumental rationality. Coupling Critical Social Theory with NPM creates the conceptual space to better understand whether or not the interests and the melodies of the broader and often oppressed public are addressed. This paper analyzes NPM through the prism of Critical Social Theory. This disrupts the hierarchy in the NPM system and pushes forward those unheard voices of the marginalized. (for a full length article, please follow this link and go…

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