My Grandfather: An excerpt from “A Thatched House”


My grandfather was a chain-smoker. He
used to pinch a small amount of tobacco from the right side pocket of his
jacket that would never be taken off from his body until he went to his bed; and
he used to take out a small bundle of white thin paper from his left side
pocket and tear a small piece that was just enough for him to roll the tobacco;
and he used to stick his tongue out to lick the side of the paper so it could
glue the wrapper. One day, he ordered me to bring fire to light the tobacco
rolled in the long white paper.

“Grandson, can you please bring fire
from the hearth?” he said putting the rolled tobacco in his mouth. I brought a
burning twig from the hearth brandishing it in my hand. He lit the handmade

“Smoking is bad for your…

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