Refreshing the mood

Gradually the opened window pulled me to the world outside where a couple of lovers, I suppose, were going around the Baudha gumba, reminding me of the barren life…

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अन्न्याय त त्यतिबेला हुन्छ
जतिबेला आँधिले एक दुई ज्यान
बाँकि राखेर जान्छ
गुँडबाट बचेरा निमोठेर लान्छ
प्रीयसिको फोक्सो चुँडालेर भाग्छ।

The English teacher

He holds corruption, groupism, and sycophancy responsible for most of the ills the nation is suffering from. With his constant tirades against nearly everything under the sun, Thakur reminds me of a character, Krishna, in RK Narayan’s novel, The English Teacher, in many ways.

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