Who am I?


I am a son of a farmer
Who tilled the earth from dawn to dusk,
Drying like a dead fish in the scorching hot,
Wearing the same used rags as beautiful clothes, 
No matter where he went; party or palace, bushes or bed.
My mom was a housewife,
Who had to collect a bundle of splinters to build a fire
While she had another baby growing like a watermelon in her belly. 
One meal a day would bring a happiness to home,
While rice would be the food of luxury.
I went to school with bare feet and bare body, 
Just wearing my underwear, 
The cause to be beaten by a teacher every day,
Who knew nothing why I didn’t wear enough clothes.
When I saw my classmate wearing new clothes,
I asked, mom, why don’t have I clothes to cover my body? 
She had no rejoinder but tears oozing…

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