सम्झी ल्याउदा डाको छोडि रुन मन लाग्छ । धन्य ओली तिमी छौ र हास्न मन लाग्छ ।।

हावा बाट बिजुली हररर
रेलमा कुद्ने भैयो सरररर
घर-घरमा ग्यास फररर
यति सुने पछि के चाहियो ?
खुसीले खुट्टा भुँई न भाँडामा
ओली माथि-माथि डांडामा
नेपालि जनता सधै खाल्डामा
रमाइरहने भए घिउ र डाल्डामा ।

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Dogs, Dusts, and Denizens of Kathmandu

The dust remains the same. The proliferation of plastic bags choking gaps between houses and in gullies and roads has increased. Positive steps such as using cloth instead of plastic bags in stores is I am sure making a difference, but the beautiful landscape is marred and marked by this worldwide disease of disposable plastic which is anything but disposable. Why is there no organized government collection of refuse? This is a question that haunted me in 2010 and still troubles me.


“Because Dhido builds up your muscles,” he said, swallowing Dhido in such a way that I could clearly see the lump going down his gullet as his Adam’s apple moved up and down. My mother chuckled hearing my father’s explanation. My sister started having fun trying her best to swallow Dhido, saying, “Dada, dada, brother, look at here I swallowed it.” I imitated them with the hope that I would make my muscles strong but the lump-like Dhido got stuck in my throat.

काम बिगार्ने एउटा धुलाई खाने अर्को: तिम्ल्याहाको कथा

हेर्दा उस्तै देखिने यी तिम्ल्याहाको कुरा बहुत अचम्मको छ। काम बिगार्छ एउटा, झापड खान्छ अर्को। तिनै जनाको बिहा भैसकेको छ । त्यो पनि रोचक छ। ल यो भिडियो हेर्नुहोस ।

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